Resting or Basal Body Temperature

Using Basal body temperature is one of those natural birth control methods that is as sexy as a medical exam!

When in a resting state our bodies come to a baseline temperature that largely remains the same. This temperature changes in women as they progress through their menstrual cycle.

basal body temperature
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Through tracking our temperature women can know when they have ovulated, and after three days can feel assured that they are now infertile.

You can get pregnant up to five days before and three days after this spike in temperature.

This method is very difficult to practice. It is better for a single female. It can be easily affected by a horny couple who keep raising their resting/basal body temperature through amorous activities!

We also recommend that this method is used in conjunction with other methods as it is not very reliable.

A woman’s basal body temperature rises at least 6/10th of a degree at ovulation and remains high until menstruation.  When this is tracked, you can be aware of when your chance of conceiving is at its highest.

Upsides to Basal Body Temperature tracking:

  • No hormonal side effects
  • A more natural approach to birth control
  • No restrictions tied to religious beliefs.
  • Can be used to increase chance of pregnancy when/if one wishes

Downsides to Basal Body Temperature tracking:

  • No STI protections
  • Requires a dedicated routine

You take your temperature first thing in the morning with a digital thermometer that measures two decimals out of a degree. Record this every day, at about the same time to be able to chart the exact day of ovulation. Women are fertile for 3-5 days before ovulation and 3-5 days after ovulation.

Typical use of Basal Body Temperature is only 75% effective but technology is making the tracking and charting effortless.

The app Natural Cycles is 93% effective with average use, 99% percent effective with perfect use. You simply take your temperature every morning before you get out of bed and enter the number in the app. The app then tells you on which days you are fertile. This should be used in conjunction with another birth control method for the most protection such as the Standard Days Method to decide whether to abstain or enjoy one of many other sexual activities that won’t result in pregnancy. 

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