Get To Know Your Cervix

As a woman starts paying attention to her fertility, she can examine her body to notice any subtle physical changes as she approaches ovulation.

Check your Cervix
Check your Cervix

In the days proceeding ovulation, she will likely notice a creamy discharge as opposed to the drier environment of a non-ovulating vagina. If she checks her cervix, she will notice that it gets stickier, wetter, and higher up in her vagina as she gets closer to producing an egg.

The texture of the cervix during ovulation has been described as feeling like a pair of lips. During other periods, before and after ovulation, it's more like the tip of your nose - slightly hard with less give.

This change in anatomy functions to allow easier, lubricated access between the sperm and the egg, which is exactly what we are trying to avoid!  The mucus around the cervix at this time will be mostly translucent and have a high elasticity. The texture of the cervix may also change, become softer to the touch and be decreasing the mound of cartilage.

Checking your cervical position allows you to monitor the receptivity of your body to sperm cells and thus your own fertility.  Locating your cervix is easy; after washing your hands, either squat or stand with one foot raised on a stool. Insert your longest finger into your vagina, and feel around the front walls for a cylindrical nub. This may be as low in your vagina as the first knuckle or may be nearly out of reach, depending on the point in your cycle.

The cervix will feel like a spongy oval with a closed entrance in the middle and relatively hard when infertile. At the height of ovulation, the cervix feels more like your lips than your nose and is open to allow sperm to enter.

Sometimes the cervix seems to disappear; it has become so soft it blends in with the vagina walls and rises so high that the finger cannot touch it. This fertile phase is known as SHOW - Soft, High, Open & Wet.

A gentle exploration of the cervix will help relax it which invites deeper penetration. Make sure your hands are clean and your nails are short. Sit or stand in a comfortable position so that it is easier to reach deep inside.

The more a woman knows her vagina inside and out the more pleasurable her sex will be.

A man can also play a role in this method. Men are better angled to reach inside her vagina to feel the cervix with their fingers. As long as they enter with care and enough lubrication,  they can make the Cervix Check part of their foreplay.

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