Mobile Contraception Apps

Using mobile contraception apps for birth control!

We revolve the EcoSensual methods of birth control which is based on the Standard Days or Calendar Method. This method is also used by most contraception apps. We recommend that you use EcoSensual in conjunction with one of the better mobile contraception apps.

contraception app
Contraception Apps

Your Fertility App Probably Doesn’t Work, New Study Says. This article offers a sober and realistic review and analysis of the effectiveness of most of the birth control apps out on the market. As they note, there is only partial effectiveness with many of these apps.

This is why the EcoSensual Birth Control methods are so effective. They are not meant as a replacement to any method of birth control. They are meant to complement and reinforce all natural or artificial birth control methods that a woman may choose to use as part of her personal family planning.

Our sensual methods of contraception allow a woman to reduce her reliance on other natural and artificial forms of birth control. For example, if you use the EcoSensual Calendar and it causes you to use 50 fewer condoms a year that is a benefit!

Natural Sexy Birth Control with Mobile Apps!
Sexy Birth Control with Mobile Apps!

If you can use the EcoSensual along with other natural birth control methods it can only help to increase their effectiveness.

That is our goal; to support and strengthen all existing birth control methods with a healthy dose of imaginative, positive and female empowered sexuality!

The sad truth is that no artificial or natural birth control method is 100% effective. There is always a risk of an 'accident'.

Our sensual birth control tips and methods are meant to be complementary and strengthen the effectiveness of any contraception apps or other natural or artificial birth control method that you use.

Choose any birth control app out there that you like. And then use it along with the EcoSensual Calendar! Our calendar will help you to use your birth control app in a way that  makes it more effective and pleasurable!

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