Calendar Method

EcoSensual Birth Control is based on the Standard Days Method (SDM) of calendar method birth control.

Using the average pattern of women’s ovulation, a woman can tell when she is most likely to conceive and can avoid vaginal intercourse during that time or use a backup method(s).

Sensual Standard Days Method of Natural Birth Control
Standard Days Method: Sensual Birth Control!

Ovulation occurs roughly 2 weeks before a woman's period; thus, knowing how short or how long her cycles tend to be can allow her to pinpoint the time that she will be fertile.

The Standard Days or Calendar Method is probably one of the easiest and most popular forms of natural birth control there is.

It does have limited effectiveness because even every woman is different and her cycle can also vary throughout the year. Unless a couple is very scrupulous in adhering to non-vaginal penetration during fertile days there is a chance of accidental pregnancy.

This is where the EcoSensual Calendar Method comes in! When combined with the sexy EcoSensual methods, it is possible to have close to 100% effectiveness. This is because our methods are meant to support and supplement existing forms of birth control by making sex a part of the contraception conversation.

The EcoSensual Calendar Method is a sex-positive improvement to this ancient form of birth control.

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