Natural Contraception Methods

Traditional 'unsexy' birth control methods!

Birth control is not the most sensual subject. This is a pity because when a female feels secure in her birth control it is one of the most potent psychological aphrodisiacs! As many women attest, it is hard to relax into a deep enjoyment of lovemaking while being afraid of an unwanted pregnancy.

EcoSensual World Couple Contraception
EcoSensual World Contraception

Our bodies’ insistence on continuing our species is still beating top scientists today. We still do not have an artificial birth control product that can promise a healthy mind and body, no toxic waste, and no baby. However, waiting for the "experts" in the labs to help us, isn’t our only option.

There are many forms of natural birth control. Some natural contraception methods are sensual but not all of them are very sexual! In fact, some might be about as sexy as a medical exam.

This is why we offer the EcoSensual Methods, as a sensual alternative to traditional forms of birth control.

Here are some of the (non-sexy!) traditional natural birth control methods that you can use to complement the more erotic EcoSensual birth control methods:


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