EcoSensual Birth Control FAQ

1) Do these "sexy" natural birth control methods actually work?

The answer, in short, depends on you. Every single form of birth control whether artificial or natural requires following a routine. With artificial birth control whether it is remembering to take your pill every day or putting on a condom properly, there are steps to follow. And if those steps are not followed properly, pregnancy can occur.

With Ecosensual Natural Birth Control, it is the same. However, unlike artificial birth control, you have a much wider variety of options to ensure effective birth control. And with fewer chemicals involved.

Psychology Tip on Birth Control Compliance: When a woman is trying to get pregnant she is more motivated because she has a clear, simple goal . . . to get pregnant.

However, when is a woman is trying NOT to get pregnant her goals get more complicated. There is less motivation when trying to prevent something than with trying to get something. Nothing personal; just human psychology. Preventing a pregnancy requires continual effort whereas trying to get pregnant has a simple goal.

This has been the bane of all natural fertility methods from mucus monitoring to temperature taking every day. Any act that requires daily compliance to monitor fertility will have less compliance.

What we have done is simplify the process so a woman has to only enter one piece of data, her menstruation start date and that’s it. By simplifying the process this ensures that it is easier to prevent pregnancy with minimal effort.

Psychology 101! Sex as a Motivator: Preventing pregnancy is less psychologically motivating. But having a great love life is motivating! So by using your natural fertility cycle to improve your love life we encourage greater motivation to monitor your fertility.

2) How can birth control be sexy?

We would reverse that by saying, how can birth control not be sexy? Sex unless it is religiously ordained for procreation, is supposed to be a fun, joyful activity that enhances closeness and love between people. The problem with traditional sex between couples is that no matter how much they love each other, once they have been together for a few years, the sexuality can become rather routine.

Day after day, week after week, year after year. Couples eventually sink into certain sexual routines. While they may be comforting after a while they lose their charge of excitement. And if sex ceases to be exciting then it begins to decline in importance in a couples' life.

By revolving your sexuality around your natural fertility cycles you keep changing the things you do in bed. This is a powerful way to keep things interesting and evolving. And when things continue to be interesting in the bedroom that love translates into a better and closer relationship rather than the gradual drifting apart that happens to so many couples today.

3) I am a Single Woman. What advantages are there for me to use these Methods?

Single women can benefit greatly from using the Ecosensual Methods of Natural Birth Control in the following ways:

  1. She can use it to affect her dating habits. A woman who knows when she is fertile or not can use this information to choose (or not choose!) their romantic partners. Much research has been done that shows when a woman is at her most fertile she tends to be attracted to square-jawed masculine or "macho" types. However, "macho" men often do not make the best long-term partners. So if she meets and finds herself unreasonably attracted to a macho man but she knows she is fertile then she will know that it is her hormones speaking and not her heart! That might affect whether she then decides to go with this man.
  2. In the bedroom, she can feel more in control. If she is in the throes of passion with her lover and she prefers sex without a condom then it would be crucial for her to know her fertility and then adjust her behavior in bed accordingly.
  3. She can be much more in touch with her physical health and her emotional mood. Is she feeling sad or is it that she tends to feel sad at a certain point in her cycle? By accurately being able to pinpoint her moods she can change her schedule and appointments to better reflect her cycle. Knowledge of where a woman is at in her cycle allows her to make more informed decisions which also benefits her health.

4) Can you describe the EcoSensual Tips in greater detail?

Basically, we divide a woman's fertility cycle into two parts; Red Days and Green Days. Not only does it predict a woman's fertile days up to one month ahead but it also divides those days to indicate a woman's level of fertility. And then, it suggests ideas and "sexy tips" for activities to do on those days. So it is much more than a simple fertility chart. It is also a tool for building a better love life and a closer relationship with your partner.

In the Public Area of Ecosensual, we cannot go into detail about some of the changes in sexual activities as our public area is PG rated. However, we go into much greater sexual detail in the Member's Area. Once you enter your payment into Member's area then the information we offer is much more adult. This is our way of filtering minors out of the website. You must have a credit card to enter the Member's area.

5) Is this an eBook that I can download?

The Ecosensual Natural Birth Control is NOT an eBook for download. At present, it is an online eBook which you purchase access to. Purchasing access to the website gives you much more 'adult' and sexy explanation and graphics to inspire your birth control! The other advantage of purchasing access is that we are continually updating the methods on the site.

6) I am using Birth Control Pills. Isn't that enough?

According to Planet Green, "There are rising concerns about the hormones from birth control pills ending up in waterways and having serious effects on wildlife, both from pills flushed down the toilet, and from women’s urine."

As well many women report serious side effects from using the pill and in addition, more than one study has found that the pill actually interferes with a woman's sexuality. In other words, women often report feeling less sexy and sexual when they are on the pill.

7) What about a Man's role in birth control?

Men are often so confused by women because they don't 'understand' them. Information on which days are good for sex days and which days are 'bad' can help a guy immensely! For example, if he knows it's a 'red' day then he might choose that night to go out with friends or work late. That way he is really ready when the green days arrive. When a woman is fertile she is also really much more receptive and 'horny'. This is when we recommend that the couple try 'different' ideas. Avoiding pregnancy from sex requires the cooperation of both partners. When guys play a greater role in respecting their partner's fertility cycle they receive many benefits in the form of deeper and more varied sexual experiences when they make love.

8) Standard Days Method is a form of Natural Birth Control that sounds so boring! How do you make it sexy?

EcoSensual uses the Standard Days Calendar Method as the foundation for our sexy methods! With the Standard Days Method, it's easier and more accurate to start the cycle afresh at the beginning of each menstrual cycle.
Our app and website are more as an ebook. What makes them unique is the ideas for a couple to change the kinds of sex to be more in tune with a female fertility cycle.
If you wish to use an app with a longer-term fertility calculator we recommend Cyclebeads. However, we found that while the 'fertility prediction' apps can calculate the beginning of your next cycle with some degree of accuracy the more you look into the future the less accurate the predictions become.
Our app works on a very simple yet effective level by starting each monthly cycle afresh with from the first day that you begin your menstruation. If you just want to know your fertility one month at a time and enjoy a great and varied love life during that period then the EcoSensual ebook is perfect for your needs.

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