Eco-Friendly Birth Control

Family planning should be kind to the environment and fun

Many of us are dissatisfied with the current products in the birth control market. Artificial birth control products such as The Pill and condoms have a number of drawbacks as well as the environmental costs.

Natural Family Planning (NFP) has been around a long time. However, the way it is often described is about as exciting as having to do school homework! Our idea is to combine various natural birth control options in a sexy package.

We have created the EcoSensual Natural Birth Control Ebook that depicts in detail all the methods as well as easy to use charts that are sexy, inspirational as well as offering a practical way to plot your fertility.

This information is based on the average woman, however, and again one needs to learn about their own characteristics and patterns. The more one knows about one’s self and understands their body, the more they are in control of it.

Natural Birth Control is also helpful for general health reasons as well. Often times reproductive health issues go undetected, but our bodies signals, such as our fluids, menstrual regularity, and the feelings of the reproductive tissues. With this in mind, every woman, fertile or infertile, wanting children or not, would benefit from knowing their vagina and their cycles.

Read this ebook, try the Natural Birth Control Methods and your love life will never be the same.