Child-Free Couples

Recreational versus Procreational Sex

The Ecosensual Natural Birth Control methods are sexy and inspirational as well as a practical. If a couple practices these methods they should notice an improvement in their relationship as their lovemaking will be more varied and in tune with the woman's natural cycles.

Coitus Interruptus!
Children can be the fruits of sex but do not necessarily create the mood for it!

Though families with children might beg to differ being childless or child-free is often very conducive to an enjoyable love life. One of the most libido crushing sounds for a woman is the sound of her child crying in the next room. Once a woman has a baby she is a duality. The man is no longer her first priority, her emotional focus changes.

Being a mother and being sexual are two very paradoxical energies. Obviously, you have to be sexual in order to be a mother. But as with most religions such as Christianity, the good mother is celebrated and venerated but the sexual woman is denigrated as a whore. Especially if she is having sex for enjoyment and not for children. And if she is unmarried then religious judgment escalates.

There are also physical changes. The more children a woman has, the more she becomes a mother and less of a lover. There are very few women in the world who have successfully balanced these two opposing energies.

She may be in the ecstasy of passion but then she hears her baby crying. There has been many a man who has had to nurse a throbbing and ebbing penis whilst his woman nurses their child!

And of course, there is the issue of overpopulation. Sex is currently promoted by most religions as a procreational activity, as opposed to being recreational. However, sex does feel good so when there is a lot of it in a traditional society this leads to overpopulation.

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