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Female Reproductive Choice

Many women come from patriarchal and conservative cultures and if they get pregnant with an unwanted baby they often have no reproductive choice. In many countries around the world, women are often forced by the government to give birth even if they were raped.

And then, because they gave birth out of wedlock they suffer shaming and stigmatization for the rest of their lives.

From a moral and environmental perspective, our effort is to provide women with information so that they can make their own reproductive choice. We have too many unwanted children in the world and that is bad for the planet and for women in general.

Part of your payment to access the EcoSensual Birth Control eBook allows us to keep Free Access to the Natural for poor and disadvantaged women around the world.

Contrary to the anti-abortion movement's assertion that women seeking abortions are just out for a good time, a large proportion of these women did not even consent to the sex that led to their pregnancy in the first place.

We hope you can help us in our mission to provide women with a choice.

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