Pleasurable Activism Projects

Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community

Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community Rainforest Retreat

Mojo was the Community Director from its founding in 2004 to its destruction in the Kilauea volcano eruption in 2018.

We have a number of other social entrepreneur projects which we are continuing to work on after the volcano.

World Art Erotica MuseumVirtual Museum of Cultural, Historical Erotic Art and Literature from around the World. Throughout history, people have carved, painted, or drawn images of human sexuality. As long and as much as people have been creating art and sex, there has been an equally strong push to censor them in the name of 'morality.'


Depending on the person and the perspective, such images are seen as erotic or pornographic. Nevertheless, they can still provide great insight into cultural artistic styles as well as cultural thoughts on sexuality.

World Art Erotica is a private collection of positive cultural and historical images and teachings on the subject of human sexuality. We did not want to just create a website of beautiful cultural erotica but a resource for intellectual and economic creativity in the world of sexuality.

  • HedoFeminist Entrepreneur: Learn to create a business to support or advance gender equality through female empowerment rather than victimization. Using sexuality to create ecofeminist companies that address social problems. Sex-positive ideas to help the world.
  • The Sociology of Sex. Essays and Articles addressing social Issues such as Free speech communication with diversity, female equality through economic empowerment, sex-positive feminism.

Hedonisia Diversity and Free Speech Conversation WorkshopsThe Hedonisia Diversity and Free Speech Conversation Workshops were born at our community in Hawaii. The basis of these workshops is to show how diverse individuals in professional or social settings can communicate in a fun, open and positive way.

Simple easy to understand lessons and principles on enjoying free speech between people of different groups and demographics and communicating offense without blame or accusations.

Tantric Ganja Consent Culture Elixir BeverageA marijuana CBD elixir with aphrodisiac herbs. A consent culture adult beverage.

A sex-positive marijuana-based aphrodisiac that allows both women and men greater control of their sexuality and consent than alcohol.

Social Issues Addressed: Female sexual empowerment, rape reduction.

Pleasurable Activism Publications

We also have a number of book projects that we are working on:

  1. HedoFeminist Entrepreneur - Using business as a tool for gender equality
  2. Activist Entrepreneur - Create a business supporting political, social, or environmental goals.
  3. Hedonisia Handbook - Manual on setting up and managing an intentional community.
  4. Cougars for World Peace - Benefits to Society of Sex-Positive Feminism
  5. Warrior WoMan - Power, Principles, Pleasure & Peace for the Planet
  6. Talking Sh*t to Sugar - Diversity and free speech in a sensitive world.

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