Birth Control Research Volunteer

EcoSensual Birth Control Research Volunteer Program

We are looking for applicants with research, debate, proofreading, writing, and editing skills.

  1. Birth Control Research
    Birth Control Research

    Reading. Each Intern chooses an article in the Sexually Incorrect or Sustainable Sexuality books based on their interests. For example, Sex & Politics or Sex and the Media.

  2. Discussion. Then we have a discussion to make sure we agree on the main arguments of the essay.
  3. Writing. Once we agree on the work that needs to be done to complete the essay you can write and research as creatively as you wish! This will be your personal research project for the duration of your stay.
  4. Challenges. We welcome you to challenge our arguments. If there is something in one of our postings that you absolutely don't agree with then write it in blue! We will either have to rephrase our point, make a change, or articulate our defense. But as with immunity systems, our essays can only grow stronger with challenges!
  5. Fact-Checking. For many of the issues raised in our essays we need further research for facts or supporting evidence with bibliographic reference and link to the original source.
  6. Corrections. Correct mistakes in grammar/spelling etc and revise the existing text.
  7. AI Generated Images and Video. For our online course we need more video and images from AI to illustrate the themes of our course. Though AI can make image and video creation easier, it is also time consuming to continually fine tune prompts to generate the perfect images.

Natural Birth Control Ebook Writing, Graphics & Research

We offer the possibility where you can work as a Virtual Volunteer.

Here are some of the volunteer jobs that you might do. This list is by no means complete but just to give you a basic idea of the kinds of work you may be doing:

For applicants with research and writing skills:

  • Research new ideas and update current birth control methods for website and upcoming print book.
  • Research eco-friendly, relationship and sex advice tips to add to current database
  • Add to research drawing connections between birth control, the environment, reproduction and sexuality
  • Using writing skills to assist in editing and updating content of EcoSensual website.

Graphic design, art or tech skills. 

  • Sensual satirical cartoons or other illustrations are welcome!
  • Graphic design for site including images. Photoshop experience a plus!
  • Art skills: Even if you don't have graphic arts experience you can still contribute with old fashioned painting and drawing skills to create graphics for some of the methods.
  • Animations. If you can create cool illustrative animations, we have a volunteer position for you!
  • Web design using WordPress.

Volunteer Information & Requirements

If you have any of the following skills or experience you could qualify to be an intern or volunteer contributor to this site:

    1. Educational Qualifications: Applicants should have some college education in any of the liberal arts. Sociology, Women's Studies, Psychology, Environmental Studies, Social Enterprise, Marketing, Communications or Humanities. We can accept enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to learn! However, we prefer candidates with at least some formal post-secondary education.
    2. Sex Worker, Family Planning Experience: Experience in a related field may be substituted for formal education. For example both sex workers, sex positive feminists, or those who work with reproductive rights and birth control.
    3. Computer Proficiency. Experience with Google Docs, WordPress, Photoshop, web design, graphic design.
    4. Basic Research Skills: Writing, footnotes and bookmarks. Experience with online research (e.g. using Google and other search engines)
    5. Student Certificate of Completion: If Intern is a student, then we can adjust the Intern hours to reflect the requirements of Student's educational institution.

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