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EcoSensual Birth Control Research History

EcoSensual birth control research is part of the Hedonisia Hawaii Lava to Lotus Web Portfolio.
Our 3 cats at Hedonisia Pre-Volcano
Our 3 cats at Pre-Volcano Hedonisia
Hedonisia Hawaii Eco-Feminist Community was based on the model of social enterprise which is defined as a business that also serves social and environmental goals. Pleasurable Activism. We love living and creating community in paradise. However, we weren't content to simply relax and enjoy our beautiful eco-community life. We also care a great deal about social, feminist and environmental issues. Use your acquired skills not just in the land but also through working with our eco-hospitality and/or eco-feminist mind-work. As an ecofeminist community we had a large proportion of females who regularly complained about the unsatisfactory choices when it comes to birth control. On May 26, 2018, the Kilauea Lava Flow destroyed Hedonisia Hawaii. Our community  was covered by an ocean of lava destroying 15 structures and causing the closure and evacuation.
Mojo's car at Post Volcano Hedonisia with Rainbow
Mojo's car at Post Volcano Hedonisia Hawaii with Rainbow

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