EcoSensual Natural Birth Control

With the EcoSensual Birth Control Calendar a woman can:

  1. Increase pleasure
  2. Enjoy more variety in her sex life
  3. Safeguard her health
  4. Reduce toxins and waste in the environment
  5. Save money by reducing the use of artificial birth control

Try these sensual natural birth control methods and your love life will enjoy more variety and be aligned with your menstrual cycle.

Even if you only use one of our sexy birth control suggestions it can have a positive effect on your love life

Sexy, Natural & Empowering Contraception for Women!

Kama Sutra Indian Lovers
Sex-Positive Birth Control for Recreation, not Procreation

Artificial birth control brings many benefits to the planet by preventing unwanted pregnancies. So this site is not meant to disparage traditional methods of birth control.

However, many women and men are dissatisfied with artificial birth control methods despite all the advances in modern technology.

Artificial contraception products like The Pill or condoms are relatively reliable forms of birth control. They have been very effective in reducing unwanted pregnancy for many women. However, widespread use over many years also raises health and environmental concerns.

Despite all our technological advances, we still have not created a method of birth control that is safe, eco-friendly, cheap, sexy, and inspirational for couples. After all birth control is about sex!

Natural Family Planning (NFP) control is not always reliable and often not very sexy! NFP is often described is as exciting as having to do schoolwork! Its efficacy is often less than with artificial birth control methods.

Our focus is to combine various natural birth control options with an approach to sexuality that is inspiring for lovers. Our calendar can complement other birth control methods.

We have created an entertaining and educational guide to natural birth control methods for women (with tips for men!), that are effective, fun, and sexy!

Single Women

As a single woman, having knowledge of your fertile days can affect your dating choices! Studies have shown that women at peak fertility, tend to be more attracted to macho looking men! If she knows when she is fertile then she will begin to understand why she makes certain dating choices.

Improve your Love Life as a Couple!

If a couple really practices these methods they should notice not only an improvement in their love life but also in their relationship as their intimate times will be more in tune with a woman's natural cycles.

The Methods are based on an average female cycle of 26 - 32 days. However, there are many methods that can work to complement any female cycle length as well.

They also work with any form of birth control. In fact, we suggest using these methods along with your current birth control. If, for example, you use condoms, using these methods could mean a reduction in your condom use.

The Alignment of Sexuality & the Female Monthly Cycle

When a woman knows her fertility, it is a form of gender empowerment. Often, reproductive health issues go undetected, but our bodies speak to us with signals such as fluid changes, menstrual regularity, and sensitivity of the reproductive tissues. With this in mind, every woman benefits from knowing her cycle.

Know Your Body, Know Your Self

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